AFS Shabbat Dinner & Service

AFS Shabbat Dinner & Service
March 10, 2017 at 6pm

Coming together is a crucial and time-honored tradition of every culture worldwide. The AFS Shabbat allows us to connect not only with our own culture, but also, and more importantly, with others.

By participating in the AFS Shabbat, you bring young people from all over the world into your home. You introduce them to Jewish life and traditions; we also answer questions during the service and provide explanation to the AFS students regarding our religion and culture. It’s an opportunity for interfaith and international interaction.

As proud hosts of AFS Shabbat for over 45 years, Women of Emanu-El believes that this is the year to come together as members not of different faiths, but of the same global community.

What makes us different makes us who we are, but what makes us the same makes us human. By participating in the AFS Shabbat program right here in Milwaukee, you will have made a ripple in the pond of life; you will have connected people from all over the world to an ancient tradition thriving in the modern world.

Please consider participating in the AFS Shabbat on March 10, 2017, by sharing a meal and services with an AFS student (and possibly their family) at CEEBJ. Email Yakira Leevan at [email protected] with any questions or call CEEBJ to sign up for sponsoring an AFS student.