From Women of Emanu-El President Ruth Treisman – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol

April 1st, 2017 by

As the Passover holiday approaches, I sometimes think there are things in our lives that make us struggle. One thing in particular is technology. Is there a way in today’s society to be disconnected from technology, including one’s cell phone? I look forward to having a conversation with you when we meet next.

I work with incredible women in the sisterhood. I wish you can join us, and get to know each of us. We are business women, employees, employers, doctors, lawyers and many other things that make us a great organization to be involved with.

 I want to thank Yakira Leevan and Sara Cherny for their championing the AFS Dinner. It was a huge success. Over 60 students from many countries joined us for dinner, services and the “Ask the Rabbis” session. The oneg was well attended as well.

That same weekend we celebrated Purim. Thank you to all the families who supported us during our Misloach Manot fundraiser. Thank you to Naomi Arbit and Nadine Zuckerman for sales. Thank you to Nancy Sandler and Sara Cherny for organizing and making the baskets. The Megillah reading was great (thank you Cantor) and the Purim Carnival, championed by Sherry Malmon, was a huge success. Thank you to all of the volunteers!

On March 23, the Women of Emanu- El co-sponsored and joined with the Yahad group to have a “women’s night out” at Glaze in Thiensville. IT WAS ANOTHER FUN EVENT!

The last weekend in March, the Midwest WRJ had a Mah Jong and Canasta weekend. In trying to get a greater attendance, the Women of Emanu-El offered to pay half of the attendance fee. It was a great weekend at OSRUI.

Upcoming events in April include; Adult coloring, April 4, 1 pm, at CEEBJ, and the Pancake Breakfast, April 30.

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