From President Michael Levin – February 1, 2018 from Ha-Kol

February 1st, 2018 by

It is during challenging times that a community shows its true character. I know that we will continue to support each other, and our rabbis, even as they are both on leave.

I would like to thank Rabbi Schaller for taking on additional responsibilities, even as she was preparing for her maternity leave. May she and her family be blessed as they welcome the newest Schaller! I know our school will be in excellent hands with Susan Bornstein- Forst as our interim school principal, and I thank her for filling in for the next three months.

I also want to thank Cantor Barash for all his extra effort while his colleagues are on leave. He has graciously increased his pastoral work and teaching, and his presence helps provide stability for our congregation at this time.

Coordinating all the coverage has fallen to our Executive Director, Andrew Appel, and he has been working diligently to see that all the many areas of congregational life continue to function. He is a true asset for our synagogue, and his hard work is greatly valued.

Our entire staff has been so helpful, as they always are, but it is especially appreciated with all the changes and new arrangements being made. We are so happy to welcome back Ardyth from her own leave, as she rejoins Toni, Tiffani, Rick, Margie, Cheryl, Brian and Bob.

Finally, thank you to all our lay leaders and members who are helping the Carter Berksons, either directly with rides and meals, or by assisting our community, such as by visiting ill members, offering Divrei Torah, or in so many other ways.

I know you will join me in praying for r’fuah shleimah, a renewal of spirit and of body, for Debbie Carter Berkson, and for strength and peace for our Rabbi Marc Berkson.

Michael Levin

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