Cantor Barash’s 2017 Sabbatical

November 20th, 2017 by

Debra and I are off to Israel.  We’ll be there for 5 weeks and we’ll be posting stories and pictures about our travels to the CEEBJ blog.  Watch for our next blog update soon!

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10/17/17: We’re Off!
10/19/17: First Day in Jerusalem!
10/22/17: Shabbat in Jerusalem
10/25/17: Ma Tovu… and training for the Israel ride
10/29/17: Two days to go and the training is going well
11/2/17: Meeting more friends and first day of the ride
11/7/17: Days Two and Three of the Ride and Shabbat
11/9/17: On the road again – Mitzpe Ramon to The Arava Institute
11/11/17: Our last ride day
11/14/17: A Time to Study…A Time to Remember…A Time to Celebrate
11/15/17: Yad LaKashish – A Wonderful Model For The Elderly
11/16/17: Meir Panim – Dignified Dining in the Heart of Jerusalem
11/18/17: Teaching Prayer Aerobics in Rehovot
11/20/17: Our Last Shabbat in Jerusalem

22 thoughts on “Cantor Barash’s 2017 Sabbatical

  1. Loved the updates and especially loved the pictures. You are selfie Masters and the pictures at the shuk we’re incredible! Thanks for sharing. Glad you had such a wonderful, memorable time.

  2. Thank you very much from chuck. And continue to love reading about your wonderful activities and seeing your pictures . See you in December . Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I have been reading about your adventures. it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. so glad that you visited your grandfather’s grave. Also loved the part about the restaurant that gives out free food and leaves people with dignity. Wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. I am sure you have mixed feelings about coming home at this point. Love to both of you!!! WW

  4. Wow! Loving your blog and reliving our own experiences at some of the places, etc., but not the bike ride. So impressive! Riding down into and up out of Machtesh Ramon. Continue your good and worthwhile times.

  5. It was a delight to read your posts today and to remember when Al and I were in Eilat.
    Technology enriches our lives in amazing ways! Thank you for including us on your adventure.

  6. Wow it looks like you are both having an amazing time onbyour bike adventure and trip.
    We had a snow day here in southeastern Wisconsin on Friday. It did snow all day by me
    But it didn’t accumulate much
    Very cold for November after having a very calm and warm October.
    Be safe my friends and come home ready for a white December
    I miss you.
    I loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Just beautiful
    Love and hugs.

  7. Thank you for blogging and “taking us along on the trip” I love reading about and seeing pictures from your adventure.

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