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April 1st, 2017 by

Purim Thanks

A hearty Yasher Koach (congratulations) goes out to our Megillah Meisters for an unbelievable Les Miz – Les Megillah Purim spiel! Thanks to the cast for all their hard work and effort: Andrew Appel, Julia Appel, David Blumberg, Sherry Blumberg, Jordan Biller, Bella Burns, Andrew Dalin, Brian Feiges, Samara Feiges, Andy Franklin, Julianna Franklin, Kim Lever, Alyson Lippman, Elliot Lippman, Norm Malmon, Michael Taibleson, Kathy Wheatley, Declan Winterfield and Jenn Winterfield. Our gratitude to Bill Hindin who was exceptional on piano.

Thanks, also, to Alla Franklin for her help with the choreography; to our sound engineers, Larry Phillabaum and Sam Carneol; and to Robert Jacobs for his assistance with costumes and props. Our appreciation also to Audrie Berman for her expertise in writing new lyrics for “On My Own” and “Bring Him Home.”

Wishing you a joyous Pesach,

Cantor David Barash
[email protected]

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