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CEEBJ is a vibrant, growing community of over 500 congregant families of all ages. The calendar is always full of wonderful worship opportunities and programming for the whole range of our membership. We are blessed with a fantastic team of clergy, and administrative, kitchen and our custodial staff, that help create the warm welcoming environment that we all appreciate.

The administrative staff is a small one – tasked with making the business side of CEEBJ run, we’ve been held back by held back by infrastructure that required much manual, duplicative processes. These added both time and the opportunity to make errors.

I’m very pleased to announce that in April, we will be moving to a platform called Shulcloud that will allow us to become a more modern, efficient organization, without losing the personal touch that makes CEEBJ special. We’ve been working with it since December, and I feel extremely confident that this will be a big leap forward for us.

Here’s what Shulcloud will bring us:

  1. A modern membership management database: much more powerful and easier to use than our current 10 year old system will:
    1. allow members to manage their own profiles, access, etc.
    2. bring flexible reporting, better donation and acknowledgement management
    3. Mobile access for staff and members
    4. Secure customer relationship management.
    5. An online directory with easy memberonly access to member contact information. The amount of information visible is completely controllable by each member.
  2. Synagogue calendar and event management technology, allowing us to plan, reserve, pay for and track attendance of events. It even allows volunteer leaders to manage the events they are in charge of.
  3. A complete replacement for our CEEBJ website that integrates all of this technology.
  4. Powerful integration with our accounting and billing software, eliminating countless hours of manual steps, and reducing the opportunities for error.
  5. After the initial investment for integration and training, it’s annual costs will be less than the technology it replaces.
  6. And yes, I’ll say it… so much more. The team has been working on this for over two months – documenting processes for improvement that will take advantage of what Shulcloud offers. In February, we had two days of in-person training to help get us there.

We’re not quite done yet, but I wanted to give a special thank you to Bob Brazner. Bob has served as the synagogue volunteer webmaster for over a decade. In the past couple of years, he has made the CEEBJ website a much better place for members and guests to visit. When we spoke about Shulcloud replacing all that work to bring something better, he jumped right in. Bob has put in 80 hours of work moving all of the web content to Shulcloud, while diving in and learning all the new technology. He has been amazing and this couldn’t have been done without him. And we thank Lois for lending him to us! Thank you, Bob!

In the April Ha-Kol, and in some other communications, you’ll begin to be exposed to Shulcloud. We’ll show you what it can do, and how to use it. We hope you’ll enjoy your new access to the “business side” of CEEBJ. Please call me at (414) 228-7545 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Andrew Appel
Executive Director

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