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Important News from CEEBJ

  • 2017 Congregational Retreat, May 5-7: This spring we return to OSRUI for a weekend full of camp fun for all ages. We’ll celebrate Shabbat, we’ll play, we’ll sing and we’ll certainly sit by a fire all as we explore Israel: Dream and Reality. Time is running out… sign-up now.
  • Now showing these videos:
    • Purim Spiel from Mar. 12: The Megillah Meisters tell the Story of Esther to the tunes of Les Miserables.
    • Shabbat Shira from Feb. 10: On this special “Sabbath of Song”, CEEBJ hosted a world premiere musical service, composed by Chris Tackett of Tucson, Arizona.
  • American Values Religious Voices: 100 Days. 100 Letters. has brought together a diverse group of religious scholars to write letters to President Trump, Vice President Pence, the Trump administration, and our elected officials in the House and Senate. These letters (one each day for 100 days) articulate core American values that are rooted or reflected in our various faith traditions. Visit the site. Read and/or subscribe to the daily letters.
  • Press Release: ARZA/CCAR Statement on Two-State Solution, US Policy.


From Rabbi Marc Berkson – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

As I have often noted, Torah teaches the profound power of words. God creates with words. How does God create? God speaks. “Let there be light-and there was light.” And, created in God’s image, we create with words. So often we speakand it becomes so. The opposite is also true. Read More

From Rabbi Toba Schaller – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

I have always loved Pesach. I think it is a family trait. My maternal grandparents were devout socialists. Their Judaism was political. To be a Jew meant standing up for the oppressed. My paternal grandfather was a Holocaust refugee. The idea that we were once slaves in Egypt, that “my Read More

From Cantor Barash – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

Purim Thanks A hearty Yasher Koach (congratulations) goes out to our Megillah Meisters for an unbelievable Les Miz – Les Megillah Purim spiel! Thanks to the cast for all their hard work and effort: Andrew Appel, Julia Appel, David Blumberg, Sherry Blumberg, Jordan Biller, Bella Burns, Andrew Dalin, Brian Feiges, Read More

From CEEBJ President Michael Levin – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

Like many of us, I grew up with the Maxwell House coffee haggadah at our Passover seders. While the picture of the cow lying upside down like a dead fly helped to explain “murrain,” I was frankly stumped by the rabbinic conversation about 50 or 200 or 250 plagues, when Read More

From Brotherhood President Garrett Butenhoff – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

We saw over 100 guests at CEEBJ for the Brotherhood’s Sports Night. Former Negro League pitcher Dennis Biddle entertained the audience with stories and insight. The evening was a lot of fun, and kudos to Allen Lavine for coordinating everything from the speaker, to the movie, sponsors and decorations. Thanks Read More

From Women of Emanu-El President Ruth Treisman – April 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
April 1st, 2017

As the Passover holiday approaches, I sometimes think there are things in our lives that make us struggle. One thing in particular is technology. Is there a way in today’s society to be disconnected from technology, including one’s cell phone? I look forward to having a conversation with you when Read More

From Rabbi Marc Berkson – March 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
March 1st, 2017

Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman, our beloved Rabbinic Scholar-in-Residence, died in Chicago on January 31 at the age of 100. He joined his beloved Lotte in the everlasting peace of the world to come just two weeks and two days after her death. I was one of several people who offered Read More

From Rabbi Toba Schaller – March 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
March 1st, 2017

Most of the month of March coincides with the Hebrew month of Adar. In Adar, in preparation for the joyous celebration of Purim, our tradition tells us to “greatly increase our joy.” Just as we spend the month of Elul in introspection and reflection in order to prepare for the Read More

From Cantor Barash – March 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
March 1st, 2017

A very special thank you to conductor and composer Chris Tackett who premiered his Shabbat Shirah service on Friday, February 10. The service was lovely and all who attended were enamored with the music; his explanation of his inspiration for the compositions was captivating. Our deepest appreciation to Audrey Brooks Read More

From CEEBJ President Michael Levin – March 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol
March 1st, 2017

The recent rise in anti- Semitic incidents across the country has led many Jewish organizations to reassess their security arrangements. This has been true at CEEBJ as well, as we have spent the past few months working on how to best upgrade the security of our building. I would particularly Read More

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