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Once I recovered from my end-of-summer sadness, I began to enjoy the special things about autumn – the energizing nip in the air, the gorgeous leaves and the fun of starting a new year in the Rabbi Dudley Weinberg Library. And a new year means planning programs and finding new titles for the collection.

The Birthday Book Club is one of the children’s favorite programs and parents are enthused about it as well. Here’s how it works: you sign your child (or grandchild) up to select a new book to present to the library on his/her birthday. The child creates a personalized bookplate for the book, is the first person to check it out, and receives a Happy Birthday bookmark and pencil from the library. We have put aside a special section of brand new books that the birthday child may choose from.

The cost is $18 per child. Sign-up forms are available in the religious school office or you can contact me at [email protected] and I will email you a form.

The money we receive from the Birthday Book Club goes right back into the library’s acquisitions fund so we can purchase more high-quality books for our patrons. We are constantly in the process of evaluating both the adult and children’s collections so we can bring relevant, stimulating and well-written books of interest to the Jewish reader. Our library has a long history of providing its patrons with outstanding material and we intend to keep doing that.

Here is a list of a few books we recently placed on the shelves:

Children’s Books

  • New Month, New Moon by Allison Ofananasky – nature in Israel
  • Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons by Alice B. McGinty – holidays through the year
  • Apple Days – A Rosh Hashanah Story by Allison Sarnoff Soffer
  • Honeyky Hanukah by Woody Guthrie
  • Meet Rebecca by Jacqueline Greene – American Girls Collection: Rebecca 1914
  • Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust by Loic Dauviller

Books for adults

  • Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg
  • Al Franken, Giant of the Senate by Al Franken
  • The Book of Esther: a Novel by Emily Barton
  • This is Real and You are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation by Alan Lew
  • The Bridal Chair: a Novel by Gloria Goldreich

I’ll keep you informed about the library’s new arrivals and I’m always eager to hear your suggestions for future purchases. Don’t forget to check the Rabbi Dudley Weinberg Library catalog on the synagogue website, listed under Lifelong Learning.

L’shanah tovah,
Paula Fine, Librarian

Birthday Book Club

Consider a special birthday present that will help build the children’s library. An $18 gift will allow your child to select a brand new book to donate to the children’s school library in honor of their birthday, sign a special bookplate, and be the first person to check out the book. A great gift for grandparents and family members to give a gift to build the children’s library. The $18.00 donation will be used to buy more children’s books for the library.  For information, please call the Lifelong Learning office at 414-228-7545.

Got Too Many Books?

Are you a member of a book club? What do you do with the bestsellers after you discuss them? Are they collecting dust on your shelves or piling up on your nightstand?

Do you like to buy real books? Do you like to be the first one on the block to read a book as soon as it’s published but don’t want to give it a permanent home? Has a friend given you a must-read book and told you not to return it?

The Rabbi Dudley Weinberg Library Can Help You Out!

We are looking for new or gently used hardcover bestse llers of interest to the Jewish reader.We promise to offer them a good home and to make sure they “get around.” Thanks for donating your good books to the library. You can drop them off at the Lifelong Learning Office.

*Please note that we are interested only in recent bestsellers.

Contact Paula Fine at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Online Library Catalog

All of the library’s extensive holdings, including children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, classic Jewish texts, best-sellers, biographies and reference are at your fingertips. Go to the online library catalog now.  If you are in the CEEBJ building and using the Wi-Fi network, then click here to go to the library catalog.

On the Library Search page, in the “Find” box, type in a search term (a keyword, the title, the author, or the subject) and click on the appropriate icon just below the “Find” box. A Search Results page will be presented showing you what material is available, the call number, the number of copies the library owns and if the material is currently on the shelves, has been checked out or is on reserve.

To reserve a book and arrange for pick up at the synagogue, call the synagogue office at (414.228.7545).

For more information, contact Paula Fine, Librarian at 414-228-7545 or [email protected].

Library Hours

Surlow Hall Shelves
(Adult fiction and non-fiction)
Sunday mornings 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Lounge Book Cart
(Selected books for adults and children)
Shabbat evenings
Sunday mornings 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Wandering Library Books

Calling All Seriously Overdue Books! Please Come Home to the Library Shelves! No Questions Asked! We are trying to locate missing books that were checked out the old-fashioned way (by hand), and were not recorded in the computer.  We’ll be sending out overdue notices soon.  If you receive one, please check your bookshelves, car, office …. any place where the book might be hiding.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the book; we’ll just be happy to have it back.  We promise, no questions asked and no guilt-inducing looks from the library staff.  However, if the book is lost, we ask that you remit the price of the book so we can replace it.

Please remember that you can request a book or renew it by calling the office.  To access the library catalog, simply click on the link just above.  We’re adding new books all the time now.  Check us out.

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