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We have all made New Year resolutions to guide us for the upcoming year. This year’s Woman of Emanu-El’s theme is “It’s your choice!” which will provide many interesting topics to discuss, as well as enable you to reflect upon your esolutions over the coming year.

I believe we are all gifted. We all have a purpose that is unique to each one of us. The resources you bring to Women of Emanu-El help our organization to continue to grow. It is why there is never a need to compete, even with people with the same manifestation of your gift. You are unique. In February, take note of how much time you actually spend with your children/family/Women of Emanu-El community compared to the time you are not with them. We spend much of our time not in their company be it at work, school, sleep and our many other activities. Cherish the time you have with them. Leave some time to make good memories with us, not just hand selected times, but daily times where they feel embodied and embraced with love, care, desire and worth. These years go by really fast so cherish them. Each day these memories are like writing on their souls and spirits. Your words become their thoughts. Your actions get played out as their actions. Let’s work to be more conscious in our limited time together. It’s Your Choice.

I want to thank all the volunteers who have made the events that have happened throughout the year a success!

In January, we once again had a very successful Mah Jongg and Munchies Luncheon event. Thank you to Sara Cherny and Judy Lerner for their tireless efforts that they do for us!

Sheryl Kelber was recognized and received the first ever Sheryl Kelber Sigma Theta Tau Eta Nu chapter Excellence in Research Award.

Lastly, the Women of Valor Shabbat, honoring Sherry Malmon, was held on January 27. She was honored at the Midwest WRJ Convention in October 2016. The program was lovely. The President of the Midwest WRJ, Janet Buckstein, was our guest speaker. The event was uplifting.

In March, approaching events include the AFS Shabbat on March 10. This event has been going on over 50 years. High school students of all faiths attend dinner with their host families. This is followed by an enjoyable question and answer session our rabbi’s lead.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the WE fundraising event that includes Purim Mishloach Manot Baskets. This giving of gifts and/or fruit to friends and family is not only fulfilling an obligation, but who doesn’t want to add joy and gladness to their day.

Ruth Treisman
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