From CEEBJ President Michael Levin – February 1, 2017 from Ha-Kol

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We at CEEBJ are blessed with a terrific, supportive staff. Without their assistance, none of the many activities of our congregation would be able to take place. With all the many and varied services and events, our few staff members have their hands full keeping everything running smoothly. Our Women of Emanu-El and Brotherhood help us say thank you with the annual holiday staff luncheon each December.

Given the number of duties each of our staff is responsible for, and the timely nature of many of them, it is important that we are careful about overtaxing them. This means that if, as a volunteer, you require their assistance with a project or event, you first check with our interim executive director, Betty Lieberman. Betty is responsible for allocating staff resources. She is able to weigh all the various duties and upcoming events and determine who is best able to work on a particular project, and when.

It is also important to notify Betty if something that your auxiliary or committee is planning will affect personnel in the future. Events need to be properly scheduled and staffed. If an event will require reservations, Betty needs to be notified that such reservations will be coming in.

We are all working with limited resources in terms of money, as well as both staff and volunteer time. We need to be as careful with our allocation of everyone’s time as we are with our financial resources. With appropriate coordination, our volunteers and staff can continue to work together successfully. Thank you to everyone who keeps CEEBJ running smoothly!

Michael Levin
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